the veracious farter

Value - an manners workshop
N/A - APR 2015

go get it!

The Bushido – the way of the warrior – describes the seven virtues of the Samurai: Rectitude, courage, benevolence, politeness, veracity, honor and loyalty. These seven virtues are the essence of a Samurai's conduct of living. Every action has to follow these simple rules. Hence, if a Samurai feels the urge to let one loose, he may only do so with the uttermost force in order to provide the essential noise. Only in this case the counterpart will be able to identify the source of the unwinding, potentially disastrous, event. Hence, the Samurai acts with courage and remains honest in his actions. Yet, he may not act with benevolence in case the fart should come with a rather unpleasant smell. In such a scenario, the samurai should hold back his urge to pass gas. Thus, the Samurai acts with benevolence and holds up to his high standards even though he may not act with courage. However, if the Samurai knows that he flatulates odor-free, suppression of the urge to trump (You may notice: TRUMP=FART) would lack courage as well as loyality towards his urge. On the other hand, if the Samurai ripped one off with force, it would be hard to argue that the Samurai acts polite since the sheer noise of the passing gas usually comes with expectation of odor. Hence, the only way to respond in the conduct of the Bushido before blowing off is to ask: