anal stage: of brain arts and fine farts

With the exhibition "of brain arts & fine farts" Noitulover Alaviv concluded the anal stage of his artistic development. During the anal stage, Noitulover has been experimenting with a new artistic tools. After solely relying on pencil during the oral stage, the anal stage has been dominated by Neocolor II, ink, carbon. During the transition into the phallic stage Noitulover fittingly started to work with more robust materials such as stell and iron. Whereas during the oral stage Noitulover's work were rather simple, focusing mainly on the female body, the anal stage has gone in a completely different direction and been dominated by rather abstract drawings. This is refelected by the fact that shit is - depeding on the consitency - a rather less indentifiable material.

One may not believe it, but besides shit, spearheaded by the drawing "Eine Ode an die Scheisse", topics such as income inequality, civil unrest and social alienation were also elaborated.


Noitulover’s anal stage has been rather intense. Rumour has it that I haven’t really overcome the anal stage myself quite yet. To not give such bullshit any life, I would like to point out that Noitulover just really likes to give a shit and also takes one every once in a while. During the 3 year long anal stage, Noitulover hasn’t cut his hair, started to take singing lessons in order to overcome his aforementioned childhood trauma, joined a men choir and tried to get into acting school. None of these endeavours were particular successful as he had to cut has hair as they became too dense, heating his head up to an extreme degree that he was in serious danger to die of hyperthermia. To make matters worse, after one year of giving his all, they kicked him out of the man choir citing his singing was just not aceptable. One may consider that the average age of the choir was beyond 70 and he was basically their only upcoming hopeful. As he also did not make it into acting school, Noitulovers has seen the brown side of life during the anal stage quite a bit and he has therefore become sort of an expert in that field. Something that he not only expected but also kind of aimed for. Fortunately, none of these events managed to discourage our dear artist as his air is growing again, he still sings when the situations calls for it and he kind of has started his very own acting career. Thus, he could peacefully end the anal stage in 2016 with a loud and proud fart that is still echoing in his universe.

The exhibition was held at Vidmarhallen in Bern during the last weekend of April 2016 and was part of VidmART16. First works of the phallic stage were also already exhibited. Very similar to the oral stage and the transition from the anal stage into the phallic stage was not clear cut. Of Brain Arts and Fine Farts was Noitulover's first exhibition. The drawings that came into being during the anal stage can be found below.