about noitulover

Noitulover Alaviv (2012*) is a fictional character. He was born in 2012 when his father and creator of this page - in this case myself - was reliving himself in the bathroom of his parents home. While going about my business, focusing on the main task, I noted a heart-shaped post-it sticker in front of me reading "Viva la Revolution". As I was running out of quality reading material, having already digested literary master pieces such as Gainsbourg's "Evguénie Sokolov" and Franklin's "Fart Proudly" I came up with the glorious idea reading the lines presented in front of me backwards. And just like that Noitulover Alaviv, my beloved Alter Ego, was born.

  • farts proudly - noisy and mostly non-smelling (one dear and wise friend once said that people who don’t fart proudly cannot be trusted) ︎

  • does not believe in any kind of authority, with the exception of his farts and Lao-Tzu’s Tao Te Ching ︎

  • in generell want’s the free himself from everything and anything, including the desire to free himself. He once read that only the free mind knows what love really is ︎

  • does not believe in perfection - in his mind beauty arises from the naturally flawed yet innocent and authentic nature of oneself being - like the raw and uneducated shit for example ︎

  • needs to flow, cannot live in fixed patterns - very much like water︎

  • does not believe in irony with the exception of self-irony. life is already serious enough, so he coes not have the energy to take himself seriously too︎

Noitulover's artistic life cycle revolves around Sigmund Freud's psychosexual development theory. According to Freud, every human beings sex drive develops in five stages. Hence, Noitulover's work are nothing less than a abstract self reflection of his Alter Ego's sexual development. Noitulover Alaviv is basically an endeavor to not only stamp the Freudian process on my artistic progress but also an attempt to relive the sexual development stages in a distantly observing and conscious way. But maybe this is just bullshit and I just do it because I find it funny.