the soviet time machine

Welcome to Lizzy - the only true time machine. Lizzy was constructed by Igor Maickischenko, Noitulover Alavivs alter Ego. An alter Ego within an alter Ego so to speak. Igor showed up during Noitulovers latency stage when Noitulover was running out of brain farts in 2018 - a common thing during the latency stage. Anyhow, Igor himself doesn’t have any brain farts either. However, he’s got a time machine and It’s the only time travel device to the day that is actually working - sometimes. The device can be booked for all sort of events as long as you do not intend to do something evil with it and if you pay extra you can even get a tiny shiny little bar to go along with it. For any detailed information, please click on the symbols below - they should be self-explanatory. If they are not, it just means that your brain capacity is not sufficent enough for time travel - sorry!