oral stage: straight out of the toothpaste tube

After I got my first experience in drawing outside of school during my travles in Mexico in 2011, it did not take long for the emergence of Noitulover Alaviv. "Straight out of the toothpaste tube" has then soon concluded Noitulover's first Freudian Stage of his artistic development. In the so-called oral stage his works have revolved mostly around the human face, with great focus on typical female attributes such as lips and breasts. As the oral stage is notoriously short-lived not many works have been created during that time, yet many pencils have found a similar destiny like trees next to a beaver populated water source.

I picked up drawing while traveling in Mexico during summer 2011 out of necesseity, as my camera was stolen. Fortunately, a good old friend of mine was of great understanding for my unlucky situation and bought me a notebook and I got myself some pencils and started to put my observations into drawn reality.

I never really drew before, having a less then pleasant experience in all sort of art classes during my childhood. Somehow my teachers had very specific perceptions how a art work should look like and gave me much lower than expected marks at an early age. Something I could not handle at the time and therefore I not only didn’t develop any passion and skills in drawing/painting but was outright scared of these classes.

The same could be said about singing, something I had a lot of passion for at an early age, yet was not particular liked by my teacher as a received such a bad mark at the tender age of 9 that I never sang again.

Hence, the birth of the artist Noitulover Alaviv is as much as a try to rediscover lost passion for art and selfexpression as it is to overcome childhood traumas. 

The picutres to the right are showing the city of Berne as well as two painiting from Mexico (San Cristobal and la catedral de Guadalajara)

To the contrary of the other Freudian stages, the oral stage was not concluded with an exhibition, as it unraveld  straight out of the toothpaste tube after all. Also it’s not completely clear when it really ended (as with most of the Noitulovers stages). Nevertheless, the few works are up for grabs, as all the main works from the oral stage can be found below.