phallic stage: living & dying

The cycle of life and death was the theme of Noitulover Alaviv phallic stage, which concluded sometime in 2018 after two years of productive and less productive periods. During the phallic stage, Noitulover has shifted his focus on iron and steel. However, there was rather rocky transition from the anal stage into the phallic stage. After first works of the phallic stage came into existence during the phase out of the anal stage, spearheaded by the sculpture “wicked raspberry jack” a period of insecurity and doubts about life and development have characterised much of the phallic stage. However, Noitulover has rediscovered his love for bending materials and has continued to work with iron, yet in a more structured and dynamic way. During this later period of the phallic stage, the abstract concept of the phallic characters life cycle has dominated.

little teaser

A small Exhibition disguised as a birthday party (Noitulover wanted to make sure people were actually showing up) was held by Noitulover in order to test the water of his phallic shit. It has to be noted that is actually just bullshit in it was indeed his birthday. Of course, Noitulover, as confused a mind he is, could never plan something like that ahead... or could he? To make matters even more confusing, people were actually showing up as Noitulover's antagonist Chris...
Works can be found below.