to be found

He can be found but you have to look for him because he’s too spaced out to find you. Not that he would consume any drugs - if we condone a good old Sharas once in a while - there is just too many information out there penetrating his already overloaded synapses with a sledgehammer. Either his brain is too slow or his filter is too weak in order to seem bright and alive. Yet, he is a bit like the Tao, he will always become for you what you need him to become. In any case, if you pay enough attention and are able to digest the following information presented to you without any further damage, you may get a glimpse of him every once in while... 

︎ drawing & iron plastic
︎ master in desaster
︎ known by the police
︎ didn’t make the cut
︎ usually shit on his head
︎ every time sun comes up

︎ yamakasten
︎ always with Rössli Hü
︎ mostly non-smelling
︎ vidmarhallen 3a, feld65
︎ noitulover alaviv
︎ +41 76 410 41 26

After going through some of Noitulover’s shit you may now be able to understand his nature a bit better. It has to be noted that this page was created when Noitulover was still processing the anal stage. So you may forgive him the one or the other shit reference. Nevertheless, they are all facts...