booking requests

The soviet time machine can be booked for events. If requested even a special traveling program with preselected destinations can be programmed. With the time machine, next to engineer Igor there will be a crew of 1-2 people assisting Igor. The time machine can also be used as a jukebox and as a discoset. As of now, the following programs are available: 

the soviet time machine:
Time travelling in English and German for Adults and Kids. Around 50 programmed Destinations as of now. 

the music machine:            
Music programm with over 275 different music songs that are being played, depending on the travelers selection.

the disco machine:
the time machine can be split into two parts and serve as a disco installation with smoking machines, soap bubbles and different light effects. a 5.1 THX 500 watt surroundsystem provides the essential noise.