time machine functions

The soviet time machine has a very unique design. Courtesy to its three serially connected vortex accelerators the time travelling devices may reach a maximum speed beyond the speed of light! Besides the vortex accelerators Lizzy has several other unbelievable technical devices on board that need further explanation. You may study the not so self-explanatory symbols below in order to get a better grasp on the sophistication of this unbelievable machine!

The vortex accelerators cause a lot of heat, therefore the time machine uses a highly efficient Nuclear-Powered Cooling System. It is built with the same technology that was applied in Chernobyl. But nothing to worry, we coated the condenser with crazy effective epoxy-based anti-corrosion and anti-fouling solutions. Very effective! And of course, if we can cool down Lizzy, we can also cool a good bottle of vodka, Nastrovje!

Time travel is very expensive as we need a lot of gas to accelerate Lizzy beyond the speed of light. As you know, gas is expensive - at least on earth, on Uranus it’s a different story - and in Uranus probably too. Anyhow, it would be great, if you were to put some coins in the Rubelbox outside the time travelling device in order provide time travel for future generations as well.
The Gravitation-Absorbing Soviet Stool is made from original Soviet stool. Please refrain from doing any gymnastic exercises on the Soviet stool. It has not a stable Nash equilibrium due to evil forces of the universe, yet has the capacity to withstand them due to its unique design. As a matter of fact, it is the only time machine stool that reaches a type 7 rating on the Bristol Stool Chart. Amazing!

Due to extreme pressure on the digestive system while accelerating to light speed we installed a Waste Particle Filter System . It will not only keep you from defacting in Lizze but will also prevent you from being penetrated by your own shit. Due to inversion your excrements will move back into your body while you’re moving backwards in time. Courtesy to the highly sophisticated Waste Particle Filter System your excrements are diverted directly into the Soviet Stool and keeping this beautiful machine humming like a bird ...

Finding the Time Machine Start Button is essential for time travel. We also call it the Gagarin-Spot or just the G-Spot. If you cannot find the G-Spot of Lizzy, your brain capacity is not sufficient enough for time travel. In such a scenario, please leave the time machine immediately, otherwise you will suffer severe consequences!!!

Courtesy to the Flux Capacitor, the time dimension during the beaming process can be exactly calibrated without losing information regarding the space dimension. By adjusting direction and speed of the wheel, you may adjust the exact time you want to travel to. But since it uses a binary system, you won't be able to understand it. Yet, Lizzy already knows where you want to go, even if you don't!

Just like the time dimension, the space dimension during the beaming process can be exactly located without losing information regarding the time dimension. By adjusting direction and speed of the wheel, you can select the exact location you want to travel to. But since it is also programmed with a binary system, you won't be able to understand it either. But fortunately Lizzy knows!

The First Stage Vortex Accelerator, also called the soviet spinning vortex wheel, is the first of three serially connected vortex accelerators. It is powered by natural gas coming directly from the Soviet stool and will create a strong magnetic field, enabling acceleration close to the speed of light. So, nothing special here... It should go without saying that a strong digestive system of the time travel subject goes a long way to provide additional energy influx to the Vortex Accelerator.

The Second Stage Vortex Accelerator, also known as Boris Johnson, is the second of three serially connected vortex accelerators and used to run on Boris Johnsons beautiful hair. As this is slowely getting scarce we have replaced it with his brain farts, which are an inverse funtion of his hair volume. It is still very very loud and can cause havoc if going out of control, just like Boris Johnson and . However, it enables acceleration of the time machine to the speed of light. Amazing!

The Third Stage Vortex Accelerator, also called Lenin's Testicle, is the last of the three serially connected vortex accelerators. It is powered by Lenin's left testicle. Therefore, it neither fails - unlike other parts of the time machine - or running low on fuel and actually enables acceleration of the time machine beyond the speed of light. It is not possible, but then again, it is! Terrific! Thank you Wladimir Iljitsch , thank you so much!!

Don't fuck with Lizzy and neither fuck in Lizzy! Not that we don't want you to have fun, but fucking during time travel can have fatal consequences! Due to extreme gravitational forces during acceleration, pregnancy will be guaranteed as ejaculation will force an ovulation. Due to time paradox, pregnancy in accelerated time conditions can cause an unprecedented apocalypse!

The Flux Capacitor enables time travel towards a desired time and location due to its uncanny ability to circumvent Heisenbergs uncertainty principle. It is the most sensitive part of the time machine and has a tendency to have ignition problems. If it fails, the beaming process gets out of control and you may end up anywhere but your desired location and time. Good luck!

In the rare case that any of the three vortex accelerators should go out of control, you may consider pushing the emergency button in order to cut all energy influx to the vortex accelerators. Such a measure will destroy Lizzy and you probably as well. For any improper use of the Self-Destroying Emergency Button, we will send you to Soviet gulag.... in case you should still be alive of course!

The Vortex Protection Helmet enables the synchronization of your brainwaves with plutonium isotopes that decay from igniting the Flux Capacitor. Because decay of plutonium isotopes is very energy intensive, we have attached a high-pressured air-cooling system to the helmet in order to save your brain from melting. You're welcome! The helmet is also going to safe you in case the spinning vortex wheel is going out of control. Not that it has happened before...

Due to the extremely high gravitational forces during acceleration of the vortex devices, the Flux Capacitor and some leftovers from Chernobyl, radioactive decay of nuclear isotopes is unavoidable during time travel with Lizzy. If you fear to grow a third leg in the future or the past, you may refrain from traveling with Lizzy!

The Ear Protection device is the most unspectacular device of Lizzy, yet one of the most important. It's a necessity to wear them because you don't want to hear Lizzy before she is reaching her pinnacle and sending you into the unknowns of spacetime. She has a slight tendency to come down loud and hard. So make sure to protect your eardrum accordingly!

Shortly after 2nd and 3rd stage vortex accelerators kick in, the influx of uv radiation reaches its peak at 1nm. On the one hand, that's amazing, on the other hand, that's also very bad for your little shiny eyes. Therefore we have created even more amazing Thunder Glasses. Even when they are hit by a huge thunderstorm, they remain unfazed. Like Boris Johnson's facial expression when winning the Russian president election, officially ending Vladimir's reign and sending his witnesses into a political identity-confusing driven rage.