about noitulover

Noitulover Alaviv (2012*) is a fictional character. He was born in 2012 when his father and creator of this page was reliving himself in the bathroom of his parents home. While going about his business, focusing on the main task, he noted a heart-shaped post-it sticker in front of him reading "Viva la Revolution". As he was running out of quality reading material, having already digested literary master pieces such as Gainsbourg's "Evguénie Sokolov" and Franklin's "Fart Proudly" he came up with the glorious idea reading the lines presented in front of him backwards. And just like that Noitulover Alaviv, his beloved Alter Ego, was born.

Noitulover's artistic life cycle revolves around Sigmund Freud's psychosexual development theory. According to Freud, every human beings sex drive develops in five stages. Hence, Noitulover's work are nothing less than a abstract self reflection of his Alter Ego's sexual development. Noitulover Alaviv is basically an endeavor to not only stamp the Freudian process on the artists artistic progress but also an attempt to relive the sexual development stages in a distantly observing and conscious way. But maybe this is just bullshit and he only does it because he finds it funny.

  • from 2012 until 2013, first time he experimented with art, mostly simple pencil drawings

  • from 2013 until 2016, experimenting with colors and abstraction

  • from 2016 until 2018, dive into metal work, focusing on phallic objects and some lazy endaviours into grafic design

  • started in 2018 during the latency stage - Noitulovers took a break and Igor is taking over with his crazy machine

character traits of noitulover

farts proudly - noisy and mostly non-smelling (one dear and wise friend once said that people who don’t fart proudly cannot be trusted)

does not believe in any kind of authority, with the exception of Lao-Tzu’s Tao Te Ching

in generell want’s the free himself from everything and anything, including the desire to free himself. He once read that only the free mind knows what love really is
does not believe in perfection - in his mind beauty arises from the naturally flawed yet innocent and authentic nature of oneself being

needs to flow, rejects fixed patterns - very much like water

does not believe in Irony - with the exception of self-irony. Life is already serious enough in order to expend energy of taking onself too serious as well


to be found

He can be found but you have to look for him because he’s too spaced out to find you. Not that he would consume any drugs - if we condone a good old Sharas once in a while - there is just too many information out there penetrating his already overloaded synapses with a sledgehammer. Either his brain is too slow or his filter is too weak in order to seem bright and alive. Yet, he is a bit like the Tao, he will always become for you what you need him to become. In any case, if you pay enough attention and are able to digest the following information presented to you without any further damage, you may get a glimpse of him every once in while... 

After going through some of Noitulover’s shit you may now be able to understand his nature a bit better. It has to be noted that this page was created when Noitulover was still processing the anal stage. So you may forgive him the one or the other shit reference. Nevertheless, they are all facts...


the soviet time machine

Welcome to Lizzy - the only true time machine. Lizzy was constructed by Igor Maickischenko, Noitulover Alavivs alter Ego. An alter Ego within an alter Ego so to speak. Igor showed up during Noitulovers latency stage when Noitulover was running out of brain farts in 2018 - a common thing during the latency stage. Anyhow, Igor himself doesn’t have any brain farts either. However, he’s got a time machine and It’s the only time travel device to the day that is actually working - sometimes. The device can be booked for all sort of events as long as you do not intend to do something evil with it and if you pay extra you can even get a tiny shiny little bar to go along with it. For any detailed information, please click on the symbols below - they should be self-explanatory. If they are not, it just means that your brain capacity is not sufficent enough for time travel - sorry!


up for grabs

everything shown on this website is up for grabs (with the exception of the artist). for further information regarding an earnest interest in purchasing some of the shown paintings and sculptures or renting the time machine, feel free to get in touch with the artist via the below stated channels of exchange.

︎ noitulover alaviv
︎ +41 76 410 41 26  


oral stage: straight out of the toothpaste tube

After I got my first experience in drawing outside of school during my travles in Mexico in 2011, it did not take long for the emergence of Noitulover Alaviv. "Straight out of the toothpaste tube" has then soon concluded Noitulover's first Freudian Stage of his artistic development. In the so-called oral stage his works have revolved mostly around the human face, with great focus on typical female attributes such as lips and breasts. As the oral stage is notoriously short-lived not many works have been created during that time, yet many pencils have found a similar destiny like trees next to a beaver populated water source.

I picked up drawing while traveling in Mexico during summer 2011 out of necesseity, as my camera was stolen. Fortunately, a good old friend of mine was of great understanding for my unlucky situation and bought me a notebook and I got myself some pencils and started to put my observations into drawn reality.

I never really drew before, having a less then pleasant experience in all sort of art classes during my childhood. Somehow my teachers had very specific perceptions how a art work should look like and gave me much lower than expected marks at an early age. Something I could not handle at the time and therefore I not only didn’t develop any passion and skills in drawing/painting but was outright scared of these classes.

The same could be said about singing, something I had a lot of passion for at an early age, yet was not particular liked by my teacher as a received such a bad mark at the tender age of 9 that I never sang again.

Hence, the birth of the artist Noitulover Alaviv is as much as a try to rediscover lost passion for art and selfexpression as it is to overcome childhood traumas. 

The picutres to the right are showing the city of Berne as well as two painiting from Mexico (San Cristobal and la catedral de Guadalajara)

To the contrary of the other Freudian stages, the oral stage was not concluded with an exhibition, as it unraveld  straight out of the toothpaste tube after all. Also it’s not completely clear when it really ended (as with most of the Noitulovers stages). Nevertheless, the few works are up for grabs, as all the main works from the oral stage can be found below.